What makes Kristy different from an event planner?

Kristy is an event planner with a particularly helpful specialization, operations. Her ability to develop and streamline systems, evaluate and improve current operations all while marketing and being sure your brand messaging is on point. So when it comes to building a new revenue stream for your restaurant, venue or brewery- Kristy is your gal.

Does Kristy still plan events? I NEED her to help with my next event!

Yep! Kristy takes on clients that need event coordination. Corporate events are her jam, but has a great track records with many different types of special events. If you’re interested in hiring her, click here and complete the form.

When is the right time to work with her?

Anytime is the right time. BUT, with that being said, there are some instances that can be better than other. If you are already considering expanding, adding on a private events program is a great way to grow. If you are opening a second location, building out the new location with private events in mind sets you up immediately for an additional revenue stream. Being strategic about this is being smart!

And, what is this going to cost me?

That depends! Kristy offers a wide variety of packages ranging from $999-$9999. You can view her offers by clicking here. Or, if you would rather chat with Kristy about it, Click here to schedule your complimentary one hour consultation.

Are here any other investments I need to consider?

As much as Kristy wants to do it ALL for you, she has a good understanding of her scope of services. (Apparently taking just one college course on InDesign did not make her a graphic designer…) There are certain things in this process she may recommend to outsource, such as the design of your marketing collateral or event management software. But do not fret! Kristy has referrals, experience and guidance to offer in these areas.

How long will this process take?

Each and every client that Kristy works with is different. We will work together on a timeline that is suitable for both parties. But, this also depends on your effort and motivation. If you are eager and want things built out in a month, well let’s get moving. If you’re super busy and need more time, no problem, we can stick to a 3-4 month timeline.